12 Interesting Places to Host Birthday Party for Your Kid

We know throwing a birthday party at your home could be a little bit comfortable for you, but don’t forget! It demands a lot of planning and preparations that results in hellish stress.

On the other hand, if you are celebrating your kid’s birthday party at your home for the last few years, possibly he/she might be happy by having a change this year.

Are you stressed on where i can have a birthday party for my kid?

Just relax! We are here with some excellent outdoor options that you can give a try this year to steal everlasting memories with your kiddos!!!

List of Some Good Birthday Party Places for Kids.

#1: Exciting Skating Rink

kid in exciting skating rink celebrating birthday party

Every time i have goosebumps after hearing about skating, doing skating in the rink is a thrill activity that i am sure kids would love to do.

Just think about tiny walkers playing in the rink. Skating rink could be the best place to throw a unique birthday party to your little loved ones.

Book a party: make a call to neer-by skate rink and ask about birthday party options.

#2: Exotic Aquatic Center

kids swimming in aquatic center enjoying birthday party

Aquatic life is something that takes kids to a different world, if you choose this location for an upcoming birthday party, trust me, you and your kids will enjoy the day thoroughly. These parties are super fun and are so trendy!!!

#3: Creative Pottery Paint Store

pottery paint store for kids to celebrate birthday party

Kids don’t mind having their hands a little bit dirty. Pottery paint stores are a good location where your kid can create some creative moments.

These places are popping up in the trends these days, I think opting such store for unique celebration is a mind-blowing idea.

You can contact pottery paint studios or can take advantage of google and find “birthday party places near me” to explore more options near you.

#4: Wildlife Preserve

wildlife preserve best place for celebrate kids birthday party

It is the best location for your little one where he/she can enjoy hiking and explore their knowledge. It is the best outdoor location if you want to make an adventurous birthday party ever!

Give them a backpack and a little bottle of water and let the fun start!

#5: Bowling Alley

bowling alley for kids to enjoy in birthday party celebration

Bowling alley is loved by kids and adults both. Reserve the time slot for your kids and friends, so they can have fun with the colorful lightweight balls while enjoying the pizza and drinks on the birthday party.

#6: Dance Class

kids performing dance at birthday party in dance class

A dance class will be a good option if your kids love to dance. Your kids and friends can try out funny costumes while dance performance. You should search for the dance studio and ask for the suitable birthday party time.

#7: Bounce House

Bounce House place for hosting birthday party

A bounce house is a place where kids have fun while jumping on the inflatable toys. The bounce houses are ideal places to host a birthday party for you lovely kids.

#8: Ice Cream Parlor

ice cream parlor birthday party place

Ice cream parlor is another interesting place where you can host birthday party. Kids love ice creams, and trying out different flavors of ice creams with friends is a great idea to have quality time in birthday party.

#9: Mini Golf Venue

mini golf venue to play games in birthday party

Mini golf venue are in the trend nowadays and you can celebrate your kids birthday party there because these venues provide large spaces for parties and different attractions. Kids can play games and have snacks as well.

#10: Movie Theater

movie theater to enjoy in birthday party

If you kid loves animated movies than it would be best for you to take him/her to movie theater. Don’t forget to invite friends of your kids. Book tickets and buy snacks for your kids and friends too. Let them enjoy the movie on their own.

#11: Horror House

horror house to enjoy in birthday party

Well, it is up to you if you want to take your kid to a horror house or not. But if you lovely kids are brave enough to handle the jump scares then a horror house would be the best place to have fun while enjoying birthday party.

#12: Shopping Center

kid buying toys on the occasion of birthday party

Consider buying them their favorite toys that they desire. Take them to shopping center, and they can buy different toys from many shops at once. They can even buy dress, shoes and many entertaining toys.

You can check out the available options in your area through google and when you find some ask them if they host birthday parties and make your bookings accordingly.

We have tried our best to come with some good places to have a birthday party for your little angel, but we all know 2020 is not the year for such celebrations!!