Twist Birthday Experience with Canvas Painting Party Ideas


paint party for kids

paint party for kids | canvas painting party ideas


Kids have outstanding imaging power and creativity and it’s really hard to find one who doesn’t like to play with colors. Recall your childhood. I am sure painting would be among your favorite activities. 

Throwing a paint party for kids on their birthdays is an easy escape from boring traditional parties which no longer have fun and excitement.

We are here to lessen your stress for finding amazing canvas painting party ideas and will guide you on how to arrange everything from start to finish. 


Paint Party Material Collection 

Painting is not just an art but has a fantastic impact on human psychology, it relaxes the brain and releases happy hormones. I strongly believe that not only kids but adults should also have paint parties. There is no harm in getting a little bit messy!



Basic supplies that are essential to make a paint party successful

1) Paints or colors 

These are the backbone of painting parties, make sure to have enough stock and a good collection according to the theme and subject of the painting. Adding the following things would make your collection complete.


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  • Beautiful watercolor palettes
  • Pod strips for every individual etc

2) Pre-lined  Canvases 

These are available on different fun  themes and can be used by unskilled to skilled individuals so they are right fit for your painting party. 

3) Easy Hold Grip Brushes 

Kids are not professional painters so take brushes that they can handle comfortably. Get mixed packets with fine and wide tips 

4) Paint Makers 

These are helpful for kids in filling colors in tight spaces apart from this they save them from getting them messy. 

5) Smocks 


paint party for kids

Messy clothes undoubtedly are concerns especially for we mothers so don’t forget the smocks

6) Water cups 

Essential to rinse the paint brushes and would allow to use different color in one painting 

7) Table-Clothes  

If you want to make clean-up stress-free, these are the best protection to keep painting tables protected. 

How to Set the Table 

When to set the table for participants make a proper arrangement with significant spacing. Make sure to finish table setting before your children arrive. Each table setting must have the following essentials 


  • A pretty palette with colorful paints.
  • Cups of water to clean.
  • Fine and wide paint brushes.
  • Towel or paper plate to place brush on.
  • Canvas.
  • Enough table space to accommodate everyone.
  • Proper seating arrangement.


Offer Colorful Treats 

Party is all about colors so food should also match the theme nuts and dryfruits are the perfect snacks for kids. You can keep them in colorful boxes to make its match with the feel of the party.  You can also include


  • Rainbow cupcakes 
  • Cake batter popcorn 
  • Rainbow goldfish etc

You can serve your own recipe in colorful flavour so try to be a little more creative. 

Now Start the Painting Process 


You have already designated the spaces and setted the tables. Reveal the subject of the painting to kids and let everything go with a flow. If you are confused on canvas painting party ideas or subjects you can pick something from nature like: 


Canvas Painting Party Ideas


  • Birds and butterflies 
  • Trees and flowers 
  • Rising or setting of sun 
  • Flowing rivers 
  • Geometric shapes 
  • Mountain and hills etc  

Let the kids finish their painting and take it home as a pleasant memory. Painting is a creative activity that kids would enjoy and have fun for sure. It will be a good change for them as well. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead with paint party for kids


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