Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Kids to Have Ultimate Fun!!!



Nothing can be more exciting than planning a Birthday Party Ideas For Kids, especially for your little one. Are you on the first step where you have all the possibilities open and searching for a unique idea?

You have landed on the right page, we will help you to run your imagination freely with amazing creative birthday party ideas for kids that will leave an unforgettable impression on your kid’s memory. 

So what are we waiting for? let’s get started.


How to Throw the Best Kids Birthday Party Ever! 

best kids birthday party 2020

Psychology says pleasant childhood memories play a vital role in character building of children, in later stages of life they will have amazing decision-making skills and would become emotionally strong. 

So, in this running world birthdays are the occasion for the parents to steal some happy memories with their children. 

Here we are giving some kids birthday party ideas that could possibly be a great help for those parents who are seeking to throw a memorable birthday party for their child. 


Make it Meaningful! 


As we love our child very much and their birthday(Birthday Party Ideas For Kids) planning always fills us with excitement, we plan everything according to our own will and sometimes  forget to include our kid’s likings and as a result we can’t find that joy in them that we had planned for. 

So when you plan something to surprise your little champ! Make sure to focus on their choice.

If you want to get ideas on your kid’s likes or dislikes, you can sit-down with them and can prepare a kids party checklist


Pick a Theme 


Kids’s birthday parties are not that simple in today’s time as they used to be when we were growing. These days parents are renting out ponies and bounce houses and even not hesitating from converting their homes into fantasy worlds, just to see a smile on their child’s face. 

But when it comes to kids they don’t bother about expensive space or anything else, they just love to have fun. 

You can choose a simple theme and can add fun to it by including some exciting games and events like a kids painting party that could keep children engaged. 


Be Focused on The Basics 


Planning all the things altogether can make it a messy event and excitement could easily go out of control so in the process of planning you must be clear on following basic points:

  • How many guests will be attending the party?
  • Where to have a kids birthday party?
  • Timings of the party 
  • List of the activities you want to include. 


Where to have a kids birthday party?

Where to have a kids birthday party?


You focus on these points will keep everything under control and everyone will be free to have fun!!! 


Choose Something Different! 


If you want to get instant success in winning your child’s heart , don’t go traditional, come out with something extraordinary like if the birthday is in summer you can plan for a swimming party in spite of this you can organise a face painting for kids party

You can plan something exciting and unique based on your kid’s wish because no-one understands him better than you.  So think hard about becoming the best kids birthday planner

Obstacle Course Party!


This is the best option because kids love to play in mess, I still remember when my mom planned one for me when I was a kid. She used old stuff in a brilliant way and me and my friends enjoyed every bit of the occasion. If your kid loves to solve puzzles, you can make it a puzzle course. 

I think it could be the most unique party theme where parents can also participate and enjoy.  


Make Your Food Fun!


tea party ideas for kids


Food of course! You should make it in advance and the menu should contain appetizers that are appealing to both kids and adults. Usually, people have cakes and pizzas commonly in birthday parties so keeping it in your list would be something outdated. 

So try to bring something different that satisfies little tummies. You can give a try to some tea party ideas for kids before having a main course meal. 


Cake Should Make Every Head Turn!


Cake Should Make Every Head Turn!


In every birthday party cake plays as a center of attraction. No matter what flavour or how many cakes you purchase just make sure to have a master piece. 

As you are working so hard to keep everything 100%, you can also bake a cake on your own but remember to make it stunning after-all you are making a memory for years. 


Impressive Invitation!


Impressive Invitation!


Don’t forget first impressions impact on minds and leaves for a long time and when it’s your kid’s birthday don’t leave any space to make it exciting after all its kid’s party. You may consider

  • Unique  3D party invites 
  • Amazing Edible invites 
  • Creative handmade invitations etc. 

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Don’t Let The Party Become  Dull!


Kid always tries to keep themselves engaged without bothering where they are so in your party there should be activities that can keep them involved. If your child loves to do creative things you can organise a kids painting party. 

Plan carefully for the activities that keep kids busy from their arrival to departure. 


Steal The Season!!! 


Parents often fight with the circumstances of the season. I am sure you are also in the list. But just leave the fight and try to embrace it with a new twist on old traditions. For example if the birthday is in the rainy season you can plan for singing in the rain, dancing could also be a good option. 

You can plan a wet and wild theme for summers to celebrate the heat. 


Knowing Your Audience is Important 


As a parent your kid’s wish list is important but as a good host you have your responsibilities towards your guests too. Ensure the following kids birthday party checklist.

  • What age group are you inviting?
  • Are they coming with their siblings? 
  • Are you going to have boys and girls?
  • Do they have allergies? 
  • And most important where to have a kids birthday party? 

Make sure to resolve these questions while planning for a party so that everyone attending the party can enjoy. 


Capture Each and Every Moment 


I personally believe that childhood is the most pleasant phase of human life, I still get thrilled and excited when I remember about my birthday parties with my mom and dad! Although they were not that fancy but were unique.

I always feel happy and excited when I see my memories in photographs and videos. For me these are priceless and I can say proudly that my parents are the best kids birthday party planner ever. 

So make sure to capture every single moment of the party, you can designate an official to do it and can set up a photo booth with props to get everything captured. 


Remember to Include Mom and Dad! 


Remember to Include Mom and Dad!


No doubt! Your child is the main focus point in the whole planning but don’t forget about the parents. Design a party in such a way where everyone can enjoy it despite their age.

Including some accommodations for parents is not that difficult. 


Planning Is the Key to Unlock Happiness! 


No matter what is the theme of your party but one thing is sure you want to come off it without any hitch. 

When you are throwing a party you should focus keenly on every step of the way from idea to implementation. You can choose party character for kids based on theme of the party  to make their entries stunning 


Birthday Party Ideas For Kids to Have Utmost Fun! 


Here we are with some creative touches that are inexpensive but surely will add fun to your party. 


Exciting Prize Walk 


It is the game that kids love to play, especially younger kids between 1-3 years of age. If your child is in the range, it is an ideal game to include in the party. 

How to play 


It’s quite easy to play. Start with writing some numbers on the square charts according to the number of players and stick them on the ground. Make the chits of the same numbers and shuffle them into the basket. Play the music and let the children walk around the circle. Instruct them to stand when the music stops.

If their number picked from the basket matches with the number they are standing on, give them a prize and start the next round. 


Mistry Photo Sqwanger Hunt 


This game is one of my favorites and ideal for each age group. It can be played anywhere. Challenging levels can be altered according to the age of the kid. You can keep it simple for younger kids and can add challenges for older ones. Playing this game is really fun! 


How to play


Sketch a clear map with the locations where they need to go and picture clues of what they need to find. You can keep some prize and reward with every clue to add excitement in the game. 


Paper Boat Race to Add Thrill!


It’s quite simple, you just need  to have some paper boats and a tub of water. For younger children you can provide an already prepared paper boat and olders can make the one by themselves. 


How to play 


Make a paper boat and handover a straw to kids so that they can flow air to take the  boat to the other side. The kid who will accomplish the task first, would be the winner of the game. 


Pin the Tail on the Monkey 


I know you have heard about pin the tail on the monkey but if kids are already familiar with the game they may seem disinterested so to engage their interest you can make improvisations from your side. 

It is the simplest game and exciting too. Just give it a try on your upcoming Birthday Party Ideas For Kids at your home. 


Pin the Tail on the Monkey


How to play


Put up a picture of a monkey without a tail. Blindfold children one by one and give them a tail with their names written on them and ask them to pin on the monkey. Point out the child as a winner who pinned it most accurately. 


Super Exciting Balloon Pop! 


It is the best game to include if you are a good host and want everyone attending the party to enjoy, even adults can also play the game. 


Birthday Party Ideas For Kids


How to play 


Tie a balloon with string to everyone’s ankle,  who are participating in the game, play the music and let them dance. After music stops they have to pop the balloon of the player next to them by stomping on it while keeping their own balloon safe. The person who will save his/her balloon till the end would be the winner of the game. 


The most favourable part I like about the game is that it is for everyone.  


Interesting Bowling Alley 


Kids love games that involve knocking things down. Recreation of bowling alley games at home with available items is simple and easy. 


Interesting Bowling Alley


How to play 


Use a wide tape to create a bowling lane that should be approximately two feet wide and five feet long. Put some same sized bottles on the one. Take a throwing ball to knock down the pins. You can divide children into teams and can make the competition exciting. 


The team that will knock down the maximum numbers of bottles down would be the winning team. 


Cautiously! Escape the Monster 


It is the most exciting game that can include every person until the end of the game. 


How to Play 


This game needs a wide space to play. Ask kids to spread around and choose one player as a monster and start to play, be cautious and not get caught by the monster. All the players of the game will try to escape the monster and the kid who gets caught will become the monster too and will try to catch the other players. 


The player who would escape the monster till the end would be the winner. Include the game and make it the best kids birthday party. 


Win it in Minute!


This game is based on a popular show. It’s too exciting and entertaining. You can create fun tasks and give one minutes to kids to win the challenge. 


Birthday Party Ideas For Kids


How to play 


Align some tables together and set tasks on them, keep the age of kids in mind while designing the task. For example, you can include a task where kids have to transfer 25 MnMs from one plate to another using straw within a minute. 

You can divide kids into two teams and assign one minute task to every individual. The team that will take least time to complete the challenges would win the game. 

You have to be a bit creative, if you are including this game to the party because the fun of the game depends on the task designed. 


Messy Pie on Face 


Kids love to get messy, if you want to add some laughter and adventure to the party and have no fear of getting messy it is the perfect option. 


How to play 


Let the kids put pie on each other’s face. It is a very good spin on the normal games. I am saying with my experience that everyone would have a great time. Beside this if you are looking for a more creative option you can arrange face painting for a kids party. 


Things to Consider While Selecting Games for Birthday Party



As there are numerous kids birthday party ideas available additionally there are thousands of games ideas too. But before selecting the games be focused on the following points. 

  • Pay attention to the average age of the kids and select the game that can be played by everyone no a selected ones.
  • If you are working on a theme party, be particular about party characters for kids. 
  • Try to limit the intellectual games and include light hearted games where kids could have the fun!
  • Try to keep the games short, long games could make kids tired and bored. 
  • Handling multiple kids all together could be challenging so plan well and prepare ahead. 


Just Have Fun!!!

Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Kids birthday parties are a fun event so make sure to enjoy don’t catching up too much in preparation. Plan it in advance and include ideas we have mentioned in the blog to make it unforgettable.

If your child’s birthday is on the way, start planning today and if you are seeking for more good ideas, keep reading our blogs. If you have any idea share with us we will share it on our website. Feel free to contact us. 

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