Kids Birthday Party Checklist [ Download Printable PDF Template ]

kids party checklist



Planning a kids birthday party is not an overnight game, to have a successful party you should start preparing from a few months before. 

Although professional planners are available, still doing everything on your own is something that would double the happiness of the occasion. 

If you are stressed about the planning process, don’t worry! We are here with a kids birthday party checklist that will ease your worries for sure. 


When to Start with Preparation?


We know your kid’s birthday party is a big event for you and you desperately want to make it memorable. So, if you are organizing your champ’s birthday on your own, start working from 2-3 months before. List of tasks you should prioritize in the initial phase. 


Two-Three Months Before 


  • Identify what your child wants? 

Your child is the topper of the show, so what he/she wants is mandatory to know. Being a parent, do a detailed discussion with your little one and keep his/her wish list at the center of the 1st birthday party checklist.  

  • Selection of Theme 

A detailed discussion with your child will help you to make your decision on the theme. If your child is creative  you can choose some creative activity like painting as the theme of the occasion. 

  • Set the Location and Time 

Choose where you are going to throw a party whether it be at home or some outdoor location. Are you going to rent a place? An early decisions on such questions will help you to book the desired destination for the occasion.  

  • Make the Guest List 

Create your guest list according to the venu’s accommodation. Choose your child’s close friends, classmates and your family friends as well. 

  • Proper Alignment of Entertainment 

Entertainment is the key for any kid’s party, so make sure what activities or games you are choosing and what their set-up requirements are. Prepare everything in advance because these could be time consuming. 


Don’t tell your child about it before the day of birthday, save the fun! Till the last and see your child’s reaction. 


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Three-Four Weeks Before 


  • Confirm the Availability of Your Guests

This confirmation will provide you the idea on the number of people going to attend the function and would help you to do other plannings accordingly. Secondly, you can assure the availability of your child’s best friend’s presence at the party. 

  • Send Invitations

Make a written invitation, you can create it based on theme. Use your creativity to make it impressive because it’s an important part of your 1st birthday party checklist(kids birthday party checklist).  

  • Schedule the Activities of the Party 

You will have a full day and numerous activities like fun games, cake cutting, snacks, gift openings, food and distribution of favors to do, so plan in advance on how and when each activity will take place and divide the time accordingly because nothing should be left. 

  • Create the Master List of Essentials You’ll Need on the Day 

There would be a long list of supplies that may include support equipment for activities, prizes for winners, utensils  and other related stuff, so make sure to complete your shopping many days before because doing it at the eleventh hour will make you stressed. 

  • Finish on Menu Planning 

Plan your menu in advance what items you are going to serve, try to keep it simple because kids are not that hard to please. After planning on menu prepare a grocery list. 

  • Line-up Support You May Need 

Handling everything single-handedly would be difficult for you and if your party has numerous activities you should hire some help so that you can enjoy the event and everything goes smoothly without creating any chaos. 


Three-Days to One-Week Before 


  • Clean your home thoroughly if a party is going to be held at your home.
  • For outdoor parties, it’s time for yard clean up arranging alternatives if there is the possibility of raining. 
  • Cross-check the list of needed supplies for the event and procure the ones that are missing. 
  • Finish with grocery shopping. 
  • Arrange all the stuff required for the decoration.
  • Do a detailed safety run-through of your house and yard. 
  • Place an order for cake. 

kids birthday party checklist


One-Day Before  


  • Organize the furniture and game’s related stuff 
  • Decorate the place and set the cameras after all memories are priceless.
  • Finish as much as you can finish on the day because the next day would be really busy. 
  • Take a close look up to find out if something is missing.
  • Don’t leave anything for the last minute. 

On the Day of the Party 


Now you are ready to welcome your guests. Start the party and enjoy. Don’t forget party favors signoff everyone with a memory token. 


One-Two Days After the Party


  • Help your child to send thank you notes to the guests for assuring their presence. 


We hope the kids party checklist provided by us will lessen your stress and the party you will throw would be a blast of fun!!!!

kids party checklist

If you are keen to share anything on the 1st birthday party checklist, contact us any-time. We would be happy to share your suggestions with others who are in the process of planning.

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