Tea Party Ideas : Throw an Unforgettable Party for Kids in 2020

kids tea party ideas

When we talk about tea parties we always imagine adults having it, but organizing it for kids could be pretty exciting and the best way to inculcate good etiquette into them.

I have a 4 year old daughter and she loves to have tea parties with her friends. Last Sunday i threw the one and believe me it was a blast of fun!

Seeking a change and curious to organised one for your child, be with us till the end to get some brilliant suggestions on brilliant tea party ideas for kids.

#1: Kid’s Tea Party Decorations!

little girl drinking tea at kids tea party

In any tea party whether it is for adults or kids table plays a center of attraction so don’t miss it! Decorate it as beautifully as you can and don’t forget about the important table essentials such as the tea cup, saucer and bread plate that make everything as one set.

Last but not the least star of the event teapot! You can take two of them if you have a long guest list. Apart from this, you also can use the following ideas in tea party decorations.

●  Make Stuffed Animals
●  Beautiful Bow Garland
●  Paper Flowers
●  Flame Less Candles
●  Tea Party Decorative Cookies
●  French Tea Gummies Etc.

#2: Kid’s Tea Party Venue

tea cups in kids tea party venue

Out-door tea party is really a good idea, next-time i am really going to give it a try at my home. When it comes to choosing a location you can make the whole set-up in the garden, on the patio and what about your lawn?

A pretty floral table setup in the open air would double your enjoyment and arouse excitement in kids.

If you haven’t any outdoor space available or it’s raining outside you can prepare indoor tea rooms for children.

#3: Kid’s Afternoon Tea Menu

kids afternoon tea menu and snacks

Mixing children with caffeine is really a bad idea so when you are hosting a tea party for kids, serve kid’s friendly tea recipes that may include.

●  Mint Tea
●  Cinnamon- Apple Tea
●  Hibiscus Tea
●  Jasmine Tea Etc

They are very easy to prepare, boil fruits in water and add some healthy spices such as nutmeg, ginger and clove etc.

When you are hosting a tea party for kids be prepared with some alternatives because not every child present would like the taste of tea. You can replace tea with backup options like lemonade and fruit juices.

Be attentive on the season like if you are throwing a party in the summer go with the ice tea. You can have different varieties in flavors like mango and raspberry.

Be cautious while serving tea in winters, don’t serve it too hot! Allow it to cool before serving to a safe temperature that suits the kids.

#4: Kid’s Tea Party Food

kids tea party food creamy cupcakes

Tea party is incomplete without your kid’s favorite snack. You can make healthy sandwiches with ham and cheese, filling it with peanut butter and jelly is the other convenient option.

Other tea party food ideas may include celery sticks, cheese toast and chocolate covered fruits.

You can add sweetness into the moment with tea bag chocolate cookies that are easy to make and you can prepare them in advance.

Offer a variety of baked food in the tea party and try to accommodate kid’s allergies. For example if one of your child’s friends has an egg allergy, try to serve egg-free food items.

If you want to make a tea party memorable pay your special attention on planning food activities and fun activities.

#5: Kid’s Tea Party Games

kids playing in tea party games

Kids can’t sit ideal so it’s your prior responsibility to keep them engaged and entertained, games are the easy and simple option to have this purpose solved. Here is a list of some tea party activities and fun games that your kids will love to play.

●  Look About
●  Sugar Cube Stacking Race
●  “I Am a Little Teapot”
●  Freeze Dance Etc

It’s quite difficult for kids to sit on a table for a long period of time. Come out with the games that keep the kids moving like musical chair and other games that involve some sort of physical moving

#6: End-Up with Memorable Favors

Send all your guests with a little present so that they can keep the moment with them for a longer period of time, so don’t hesitate just to treasure the moment!

Things you can try as a memory token

●  A Tea-Cup Filled with Chocolate Candies
●  Cookies in Decorative Boxes with a Pretty Ribbon Tied Around a Box of Tea
●  Cute Little Play Tea Set
●  A Beautiful Tea Party Hat Etc

How to Make Tea Parties a Learning Experience for Kids?

Kids have incredible learning powers so a tea party could be a good chance for you to inculcate some good mannerism into them.

Allow Your Kid to Serve Tea and Snacks

Let your kid serve the tea and snacks while everyone is seated, this small activity will make him/her feel like they are the host of the party. In addition to this it will develop a sense of responsibility in them.

Explain About Tea Drinking

Make the kids learn about the etiquette of drinking tea. Teach them how to sit on the table properly and show them how to hold the tea-cup and saucer while taking a sip of tea. Keep teaching part shorter because the party is for having fun!

We hope you are ready now to throw a tea party, stay with us to get more creative kids tea party ideas.

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